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"This is a Bildungsroman which is related to much European literature from Proust and Mann onwards. It is very sparsely populated with things and incidents, but what there are are peculiarly unforgettable, as though the memories of Anton's body have been acquired by the reader."
A.S. Byatt on My Fellow Skin, in The Guardian

"With a simplicity of style, Mortier charts the psychological landscape of an individual’s maturation, revealing how we outgrow younger versions of ourselves, shedding and re-shedding our own identities. But here he is also prepared to question the adage that what one gains with age is experience, recognising that all one truly learns is the elusiveness of experience."
Kathlaan Marshall on My Fellow Skin, in The Scotsman

"This is a well-observed and touchingly woven account of young life, that in many ways is everybody’s. If My Fellow Skin were a painting, it would be a Vermeer or a Rembrandt."
Leon Fleming in Chroma

"Mortier’s novel proceeds gently, the author taking his time setting the scene in preparation for the final act’s revelations."
Allan Radcliffe on Shutterspeed, in The List